My name is Ali Sarijlou and I am a singer/songwriter/producer from Sandy, Utah. I started Heart Pharmacy in 2005 after my punk band IPX disbanded. I decided to go solo, as I knew writing music was something I wanted to do forever. I chose the name Heart Pharmacy by drawing inspiration from my PharmD older sister, and because the music I make is my prescription to your musical fever. Three full length albums and two singles later brings me to 2021, where I am currently working an EP. I don’t have a manager or a record label. I can confidently say that, I have reached a point in my musical journey where I can achieve the sound that I've always wanted. I now own a recording studio and plan on releasing music until the day I die. Thank you for listening!

Don't forget to listen to my latest single "Craos" which hit all steaming platforms August 25th, 2020. It is the second single I have released, and will give you a good idea of what's yet to come.