From the recording The Next Chapter

Tracked and Mixed by Ali Sarijlou at Heart Pharmacy Studio LLC in Sandy Utah. Album art by Ali Sarijlou. Mastered by Nick Burchall at Audio Animals in the UK


Back and forth with myself and I
should I stay or say goodbye
I was born to finish these fills
But for now this pays the bills
I've discovered who I really am
And from years and years I've found
Life brings you twists and turns
But you'll never grown If you don't learn

Please tell me what we're doing i'm confused
I can't be me, I can't sleep sometimes when I think about it

Yeah I'm doing the best that I can
With this situation I stand in
I get a feeling the ship's going down
I'll be sitting here right where I am

Knowing your growing in front of my eyes
Problems don't seem like they're bad with you by my side

On to the next chapter