1. Be Yourself

From the recording Be Yourself

Written, tracked, mixed and mastered by Ali Sarijlou at Heart Pharmacy Studio LLC in Sandy Utah.


It's pronounced Ali it always has been will be till the end of time like this rhyme no one's got anything on this signal that I've been molding for years blood and tears everywhere I look I see someone staring real weird at me enough this world's got tough I'm not you and I don't wish I was I'm learning as much as I can because the world seems to get crazier as the years go by and theirs no peace bill increase I've been at my house for far too long I need to get out of this space see your face Oh ohh oh oh oh I don't do Hollywood glam it's opposite of who I am what I got cannot be taught what you think I am I'm not once upon a time I cared if people like comment and shared I'm content with where I am my times been won check off my plan.