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Xtablet (Pre-Order Package)

by Heart Pharmacy

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Your pre-order purchase will not only include an immediate download of the album in your choice of .wav or .mp3 when it becomes available as digital download, but you will receive some surprise goodies as well as an official prescription clearing you to consume the product in it's pill shaped form thumb drive which will be delivered to your mailbox a week before the day of the release. With your help, I will complete the recording of this album in one week. All I have left to finish is vocal, mix and master. Please help me clench 100 pre- orders so that I can share with you a dose of my new prescription Xtablet! A solution built from scratch, four years in the making. Side effects include: happiness, love, inspiration, creativity, assertiveness, strength, good vibes, great thoughts. Take Xtablet 1x to 2x a day, 5x on shitty days. Share RX with one friend daily. Pre-order Today!

Genre: Electro/Indie/Amb

Expected release: January 26, 2016

GOAL: 100 | PRE-ORDERS RECEIVED: ....16 - Nick Passey, 17 - Ken Snow, 18 - Bagus Soeprapto, 19 - Griselda Vargas, 20 - Marisol Rodriguez, 21 - Alviana Johnson, 22 - Nigel Nivens, 23 - Nigel Nivens